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Roll - Character Transfer Guide!

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Roll - Character Transfer Guide!

Post  Jaynie on 23/02/09, 10:22 pm


Verus Era will be transfering new qualified players through a Roll - Transfer.
This character transfer is a bit different; you will have to roll for your level.
More specifically, you are rolling from Level 40 - 60. It is random for everyone.

Qualifications & Informations
  1. Your previous server must be Blizz-like. We will accept servers up to 5X xp rate. No instant Level 70 fun servers.

  2. Your character must be Level 60 + in order to qualify for a roll-transfer.

  3. You need to have 2 screenshots of your character (more details below).

  4. One character transfer per 1 IP / person.

  5. You can only transfer to the same class. If my screenshot is of a druid, I can only transfer a druid class. You may choose your choice of race (ex. Human) and faction (ex. Horde).

  6. Transfered characters may NOT multibox to level each others characters.

  7. Transfered characters may NOT share/log into another transfered character. This is to prevent any mutliple character transfers. If you are 2 different players and would like to share transfered characters, you can ask Jaynie or Julian for more information.

  8. Any abuse of the transfer system will lead to a permanent ban!

How to submit your Roll-Transfer request
  1. Take a screenshot in your login screen and in-game like the pictures below. Your character *MUST* say "VE rox" and please type "/played" so we can take a look at the number of days/hours played.

  2. Upload your 2 screenshots here : http://www.picamatic.com/

  3. Private Message (PM) ---> Felix <--- with the following information (copy & paste) :

    My previous history

    Name of character on your previous server =
    Type of Class (ex. Druid) =
    Level of character =
    Server website (must be working link) =
    URL of screenshots =
    Name of character on our server (the one that will get transfered) =
    Additional Info =

    Please post the correct website of your previous server.

After you submit your request
  1. Please wait for a PM back from a GM. They will let you know if your request has been accepted or declined. If it has been accepted, they will set a time when they can meet you in-game. This should not take longer than 3 days at max. We ask for your patience as we do our best to transfer players to our server.

  2. Create your character in-game. Please make this the same name as your screenshot. If you would like to change your name, please let us know beforehand.

  3. When a GM comes to you, he/she will ask you to type "/roll 40-60"
    You only get one chance to roll so please do not ask for a re-roll!

  4. Here is the gold chart :

    Level 40 - 41 = 180 gold --------------------- Level 50 - 51 = 380 gold
    Level 42 - 43 = 200 gold --------------------- Level 52 - 53 = 475 gold
    Level 44 - 45 = 225 gold --------------------- Level 54 - 55 = 600 gold
    Level 46 - 47 = 260 gold --------------------- Level 56 - 57 = 760 gold
    Level 48 - 49 = 310 gold --------------------- Level 58 - 59 = 960 gold
    ---------------------------------------------------------Level 60 = 1205 gold

  5. You will get 9 pieces of armor - Helm, Shoulers, Cloak, Chest, Wrist, Gloves, Belt, Legs, Boots. You will also get 2 variations of weapons. These gears will be uncommon and dropped gear only. The GM will choose the gears for you.

  6. You will also get defense skill and 1 weapon skill leveled accordingly.

  7. We will add the class specific spells (quest lines only completable under level 40) :

    Defensive stance, Berserker stance, Intercept, Taunt, Sunder armor


    Summon Succubus, Imp, Voidwalker, Felhunter

    Bear form, Growl, Maul

    Stoneskin, Searing, and Healing stream totems, plus all totem items


  8. That's it! We hope you enjoy your stay! cheers


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