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GMs - What we do!

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GMs - What we do!

Post  Jaynie on 31/03/09, 02:10 am

GMs - What we do (or don't! Laughing )

GMs - It stands for Game Masters. We are able to help players with bugged quests, moderate the chat & players, answer questions, and many miscellaneous things! We represent good role-models of our community. Please treat every GM with respect and you shall be respected in return.

What we don't do :

  • No unnecessary teleports! (We're not a taxi Mad )
  • Giving out items or money (We're not a genie, we only help you with things that don't work like they should in game)
  • No reviving bosses, players or mobs (under GMs discretion)
  • Use our GM abilities to enhance other players or self

These are the different types of GMs (with description) :

Admin - We are responsible in making sure our server is up and running. That means we work mainly behind the scenes. We spend time to work on updates of the server core to ensure a stable version has been implemented; highest priority is server stability as always.

Bug Tracker - Fixing broken things is our main priority. We work closely with the database and thus we can be on and off in the game. Of course, we do help players in-game as well.

Game Master - We help with completing bugged quests just like Moderators and are able to help you with any loot mistakes that have occured in-game. We can also help with roll-transfers.

Moderator - Find a bugged quest and we'll be the ones to tell you to post on the forum (at least check if it's been posted) and then autocomplete them. We can hold small events by summoning a boss for everyone to kill!

Tickets : If GMs are busy, we will ask you to create tickets in-game so that we can help sequentially as they are created. If it is a quest problem, please move on and a GM will teleport you back if needed to complete the bugged quest. Place all the relevant information so that it will be easier for us to help you in your ticket entry! Here is how you make a ticket :

After you have finished making a ticket, please wait patiently and a GM will respond when possible.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Verus Era team please apply here Very Happy :



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