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Quick reminder!

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Quick reminder!

Post  Dann on 08/05/09, 09:11 pm

Hello ladies and gents, just a few things I wanted to point out and remind you of...

1. We condemn any type of verbal abuse towards any members of our community at VE.

2. Recently I've noticed that when there is not enough allies on for a raid, rarely or if ever you guys attempt to invite a hordie to help out. I see no big deal if 1 or 2 out of a 10 man raid are from an opposing faction. There is no harm in them getting gear as I would much rather pvp a well geared opponent then having no fun at all killing someone under geared.


3. Just a quick reminder while raiding only select NEED on the items that will upgrade your previous piece of gear and are appropriate for your class. For example if you are a Warrior and a Plate piece drops but it has Intellect as one of its stats, do NOT need it simply because the warrior class does not use Mana.

Thanks and enjoy the game.

P.S. - If anyone wants to add somethings to remind us of, please feel free to pm me or any other GM!
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