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Forum Rank system and Reputation system!

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Forum Rank system and Reputation system!

Post  Jaynie on 24/07/09, 02:33 pm

We now have a new forum rank system! The ranks are based on the number of posts :

- Newbie
- Wanderer
- Novice
- Coolio
- Forum Stalker
- Mood Raiser
- Monster Poster
- Epic Writer
- Master Commander
- Grande Lord

Please refrain from posting spam to gain a higher rank.. this system is used to highlight active forum players. These rules are strict!

Also, we now have a forum reputation system. There's 2 ways of getting forum reputation.

1. Other players can click on + or - on your posts. This will increase or decrease your reputation by 1.

2. Players that start a topic can press the "Thanks!" button to their repliers. This increases the replliers reputation by 3.

Any questions? Start a topic on Help & Questions or PM Jaynie Smile


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