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The Tonight Show With Raven FanG

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The Tonight Show With Raven FanG

Post  prateek on 12/08/09, 03:40 pm

Hello ladies and gentle i'd like to welcome you the the first episode of the tonight show with raven fang (a result of me having so much jobless time on my hands) we have a great show for you tonight with comedians, celebrity inter views and musical guests.

but first since i also deal with the news, an update, breaks my heart to say this but,
in texas a man has been arrested
having sex with his horse.......... Suspect

guess he couldnt take naaaaaaay for an answer.

i now present to you tonights comic guest, the very funny russell peters


welcome back with us folk hope you enjoyed that, another thing we'er gona be doing here is interviewing celebrity guests, so i'd now like to call on stage former president of the United States George.W.Bush.........
have a round of aplause for him ladies and gentle men,
sadly i was not able to conduct the interview i had more important things to do (pwn baali and get owned by ralys)
i would also like to call out jay leno to do the interview for me,
so for the first time since Nixon and Frost i give Leno/Bush


phew....... what a politically intense interview
i'd like to end a show on a lighter note,
so here to play for you one of my favourite songs
"when ur minds made up"

Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova


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Re: The Tonight Show With Raven FanG

Post  Felix on 13/08/09, 12:43 pm

haha I watched Russell's shows too, some really hilarious cultural jokes


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