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Verus - What does it mean?

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Verus - What does it mean?

Post  Jaynie on 10/01/09, 07:07 pm

The term Verus is a latin term for "True, Righteous, and Justice". We have chosen our name to represent a genuine place, with hope that everyone in our community will be reasonable and respect one another extensively.

Julian and I have decided all of our GMs (including us) to play on a non-GM account. This means we are not interested in foul-play or more readily stated "GM abuse". We want to play as well, and we will play on our normal accounts just like you! We hope that in the long run this will benefit our server to have minimal imbalances thereby presenting a realistic blizzard-like gaming.

We do hope you enjoy your stay with us, and hopefully more people alike us will join Smile

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