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Old character, can i retreive?

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Old character, can i retreive?

Post  Grafster on 14/08/09, 01:45 pm

Hello ok heres my problem,

I was playing on a private sever beginning of the year(dont ask iv forgotten) but when i reached level 70 and started to really enjoy the game the sever got shut down and i lost my character?

iv been told that this sever allows it, but you need proof? Problem for me is i lived in south africa and moved to switzerland and i had to leave my pc at home and it got sold. Sad

can maybe an admin help me?

my character was a Human Paladin, items werent that great for a lvl 70(just played like 10 hours level 70) Sad.

just need to know if i can be helped?
reeeeaaalllu dont want to start from 1 AGAIN Sad

P.S heard this sever rocks! Very Happy yay


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Re: Old character, can i retreive?

Post  Jaynie on 14/08/09, 02:05 pm

Hey there, I believe you are refering to the roll transfer system : http://vewow.stationforum.com/news-rules-f2/roll-transfer-guide-t193.htm

Unforunately we cannot transfer a player without a valid screenshot/proof. I'm not sure what your previous server xp rate was, but ours is 2.5X so it isn't as long as blizzard servers. If you have any more questions PM me. Btw make a forum account when you get a chance Smile


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