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Faction Transfers (Alliance to Horde)

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Faction Transfers (Alliance to Horde)

Post  Jaynie on 05/12/09, 12:36 pm

There are 7 steps involved in getting a A-H transfer.

Step 1 - READ THIS POST THOROUGHLY! Before you make a decision, please ask any questions you might have.

Step 2 - Make a new Horde character with same class (Ex. Alliance Hunter, make an Horde Hunter). You can choose any Race you like (Ex. Dwarf to Tauren)

Step 3 - Mail your gold from Alliance toon to your Horde toon (We will not be liable for gold lost)

Step 4 - This transfer costs 400 VE credits. Please mail the correct amount of credits to Jayniee in-game.

Step 5 - PM Helper with "Transfer Request Form" filled out (Copy and paste the whole form)

Step 6 - Check on the forum if you received a qualified message from Helper. If yes, from this point onwards any changes to your Alliance toon will not get saved so DO NOT play on it!

Step 7 - Then make a ticket in-game for A-H Transfer. Please wait patiently.

Transfer Request Form

- Alliance Account Name :
- Alliance Account Password :
- Alliance Character Name :

- Horde Account Name :
- Horde Account Password :
- Horde Character Name :

- Alliance Character Level (Only Level 58 and over) :
- Alliance Character Class (Ex. Hunter) :
- Alliance Character Arena Team Name (2v2) :
- Alliance Character Arena Team Name (3v3) :
- Month of Account Created :


Arena information (Bi-week period)...
- Alliance Character Arena Team Rating (2v2) :
- Alliance Character Arena Personal Rating (2v2) :
- Alliance Character Arena Team Rating (3v3) :
- Alliance Character Arena Personal Rating (3v3) :
- Transfer Status :

Terms and Conditions

- I understand that I will LOSE all flight paths, kalimdor & eastern kingdom reps, special prof recipes, and arena team - YES
- I understand that from the moment I receive a qualifed message from the GM, any changes done to the character will not get saved. So I will not play my character while it's in transfer progress - YES
- I understand that giving my account info will allow a GM to log in to my account and progress with the transfer - YES
- I understand that I cannot change back to Alliance once my toon has been changed to Horde - YES
- I understand that my Alliance character will get deleted after my transfer has been complete - YES
- I have full rights to this character since I have the account name and password - YES

Click here to PM ---> Helper <---

Unless these steps are followed, you will not get a transfer or a response from our GMs. Read carefullly and follow through thanks!

Transfered character will get :

- Corresponding Level (only Level 58+)
- All Outland Reputations with same amount of rep as your Alliance (http://www.wowhead.com/?factions=980#0+2+1 and Thrallmar from Honor Hold)
- Professions and it's corresponding level (No outside recipes learned)
- Skills and it's corresponding level (defense, weapons skills, etc)
- Corresponding Honor and AP
- All items in bank, inventory, and gear (All items in bank slots will get mailed to Alliance toon automatically)
- Gold will get placed instead of mounts (ground 10g, epic ground 100g, flying 100g, epic flying 200g)
- Riding skills will be taught
- We will teach class trainer spells, but talent class spell training you must pay for
- Specific class spells will get taught (ex. Totems, druid flight form etc)
- Hunter pets will get transfered (Just buy the slots again to use your pet)
- Hearthstone will be set to Shattrath city (Aldor or Scryers) if Level 70.
- Hearthstone will be set to same area Horde city (Honor Hold to Thrallmar) if under Level 70.

Conditional status for Arena

- If your Alliance toon has played more than 10 matches and 30% of the team's total matches, we will calculate your arena points and add it to your Horde toon. *This only applies if you have HAVE NOT played any new rated matches on your Horde character (maximum of 10 matches). We will add the points to your Horde toon AFTER the upcoming flush date. Please make a ticket after the 1st or 15th - whichever comes first*

Keep in mind that :

- No Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor Repuations will get added
- No Flightpaths
- Arena team cannot be restored (since you're moving from Alliance to Horde)
- You will need to buy Bank SLOTS and stable SLOTS (they will be red out)

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