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Can't login

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Can't login

Post  Alderman on 29/01/10, 04:16 pm

Hello dear players and GM's,

A friend of mine wants to join us on this server/realm, but we are having some trouble getting him in-game.
We start up WoW, and type in the info, 90% of the time we are stuck on "Retrieving Character List" and when we do get the chars we get to 100% loaded and we DC.

We turned off McAfee, delete cache and WTF, restarted modem,check forums.

Maybe we need the newest driver for the modem or is it strictly an internet problem?

My friend has Scarlet ISP, I don't know if that has anything to do with it....
Also the modem is Sagem VDSL2.

Some help would surely be appreciated!

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Re: Can't login

Post  aeryk on 29/01/10, 05:01 pm

Is the case on all his characters? It could be that just one of them is buggy. Try making a new one and see if that one can login. If not, how about trying a new account?
I'm not sure about anything that ISPs would have to do with it. Did he download OUR torrent, or someone else's and just patched manually?
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