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Other players in game?

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Other players in game?

Post  mr.orange_89 on 08/03/10, 06:32 am


Well thing is i began playing last week, as a blood elf mage (never played Wow before), and it all works out pretty well...
But why haven't i meet any other playes so far?
Seems game would be a bit more fun if there where other people around, if you know what i mean.

Also i would like to know how to enter chat with who ever is online in the game?



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Re: Other players in game?

Post  JuDE on 08/03/10, 07:36 am

Well we're not a VERY highly populated server so you might not find a lot of players around,but get to 70 and you will find a lot of them either hanging around in shattrath city or duelling,or raiding, or MOST probably pawning each other's asses in the nasty battlegrounds Smile...and u can just type in /join world to join the mainstream channel of the server,where u will find most of the players Smile


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